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When, ... you finally seclude yourself in a workshop with canvas and colors, a completely special moment comes that will never happen again.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10_edited.jpg

... Mahmudova uses art as an

outlet to give a feeling of stability

to co-exist in this unprecedented environment.  Art gives no boundaries and opens to any communicational variations for

the artist.

"... Personal experience and emotions that I live in this segment of my life. I carry my works for many months and, naturally, everything that excites me, hurts, disturbs or, conversely, makes me happy finds a way out through them."

41.0100155, 47.8809768, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 156 x 146,5 x 6 cm

“...For me as an artist, it acts as a stand in for many of our human emotions as well as processes such as entropy and re-creation, lacerations and layering: they all have both a philosophical and a physical reality to them.”

Aida Mahmudova


"I am an artist, that's my vision". Is it always justified in art?

"The artist should certainly be interesting to himself, embody his plans and speak about what's close to him, but if your work causes absolutely no emotions for the rest, this should make you think. In my opinion, it is important to adhere to the golden middle between the desire to be liked, follow the trend and absolute disregard for public opinion."

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