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From Non-imagined Perspective series

Mixed media

Site-specific installation

Untitle, 2018

From Non-imagined Perspectives series

concrete, gypsum, paint, gravel, seashells, natural stones, variable dimensions

2018 Non-Imagined Perspectives, solo exhibition, YARAT Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan (April 1 – June 10, 2018)


Since 2019 installed on the Baku Seaside Boulevard territory (from October)

The installation of sculptures resembling crumbling pillars, half ruined and half built, asserts entropy as an essential step of creation. Through their material investigation and ambiguous construction, the works from Non-Imagined Perspectives series are physical and mental experiments in which processes of creation and destruction are seen as equally powerful forces. For Mahmudova, these processes are more important than the works themselves, evoking in their perpetual incompletion the workings of memory and frailty of human condition.


Early on in her work, Mahmudova developed a curiosity towards material, which manifested itself through experimentation with light, color and matter in her landscapes and semi-abstract canvases. As her paintings became increasingly more layered the artist expanded her practice into the three dimensional, applying the same approach to sculpture and creating environments both emotive and intense. Harmonious with the physical nature of her chosen materials and her preferred earthly palette, her deeply intuitive explorations continue to evolve across the spectrum of universal human sentiments of love, loss, memory and desire. In the artist’s own words, “this artistic process is in a way an act of tearing away at our fundamental principles, which are manmade and therefore ultimately fragile”.


(From installation info, Baku, 2019)

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