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5Vie Design Week 2024 in Milan: CHELEBI Room of Azerbaijan

Discover the beauty of modern Azerbaijani craftsmanship in CHELEBI, more than just a brand of decorative items. Led by Aida Mahmudova, artist and founder of Baku's Contemporary Art Space YARAT, CHELEBI presents items made entirely by hand by local artisans who still use ancient techniques.  

Inside Palazzo Litta, CHELEBI will present a range of fine objects, often suggested by local artworks: the frescoes of the Sheki Khan's palace are reflected in the collection of porcelain tableware, while the archaeological discoveries of Baba-Dervish inspire candelabra, vases and clay figurines.  

Multiple collaborations at the international level. Together with the London architecture firm SAGA, a collection of solid oak furniture is born; with AADRE, a French laboratory in Grasse, a collection of home fragrances is launched. 

 CHELEBI is an oasis of hospitality, a meeting place between Eastern culture and European design.

Dates: 15 - 21.04.2024

Venue: Palazzo Litta


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