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Contemporary Istanbul BLOOM / 25 — 28 April 2024 @visionartplatform / Booth LK—03

Aida Mahmudova's selected art work presented at the Contemporary Istanbul BLOOM (Booth LK—03) in 25 — 28 April 2024 via Vision Art Platform, Istanbul gallery.

Contemporary İstanbul is thrilled to announce the vibrant and innovative 3rd edition of CI Bloom, set to take place at the ICEC Rumeli Halls from April 25 to 28. This year's fair promises to be a celebration of contemporary art, bringing together artists, galleries, and enthusiasts in the heart of Istanbul.

CI Bloom Participant Galleries:

Art On Istanbul, İstanbul; Belm’art Space, Ankara Bozlu Art Project, İstanbul; brieflyart, İstanbul; BüroSarıgedik, İstanbul; C.A.M. Galeri,İstanbul; den art, Antalya; DifoArt, İstanbul; Dirimart, İstanbul; Galeri Bosfor, İstanbul; Galeri 77, İstanbul; Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Ankara; Muse Contemporary, İstanbul; One Arc Gallery, İstanbul; Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul; Pi Artworks, İstanbul, Londra; Piramid Sanat, İstanbul; Sanatorium, İstanbul; Simbart Projects, İstanbul; Taksim Sanat, İstanbul; Vision Art Platform, İstanbulx-ist, İstanbul; Zilberman , İstanbul, Berlin, Miami; 10_12 Gallery, İstanbul


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