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E-flux: YARAT presents solo exhibition by Aida Mahmudova 'Heaven Can Wait'

Image: Aida Mahmudova, Untitled (stills), 2022. Video, 4K, 5:18 minutes. Courtesy of the artist.

YARAT Contemporary Art Space (Baku, Azerbaijan) is delighted to present the solo exhibition by Azerbaijani artist Aida Mahmudova Heaven Can Wait and the group exhibition The Seventh Solitude.

Aida Mahmudova takes us to a kind of landscape, to the reality of the landscape, to save us from the claustrophobia of the self. Although the reality of the landscape that the artist created at the center of the Heaven Can Wait exhibition may seem personal and difficult to understand at first glance, the artist critiques the pathology of the self. On the one hand, life stands before us in all its anatomical reality, and in some cases, life appears as much more than a landscape. However, trying to separate life from the landscape will also lead us to a kind of alienation. All life, all personal or social history, takes place in a landscape, in geography, and there is always some place that resonates in our memory.

Mahmudova states that geography is an essential dimension of civilization, and that people can be contacted within this geography. Two large canvases at the center of the exhibition tell us about geography and its diversity and importance, while also drawing our attention to its beauty and horror. These canvases, which symbolize the beginning and the end, also contain clues about the past and the future. The paintings, which are in harmony with the fragmentary structure of our age, mark an organism’s return to its original point after its entire natural cycle (birth, life, and death). link


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